"A Lexicon of Decay" forthcoming in Passages North

"Splittings" in Entropy, 2019

"When Naming Isn't Enough" in Guernica, 2018

"What Seems to Be the Problem, Officer?" in Guernica, 2017
Honorable Mention in The Cincinnati Review's 2016 Robert and Adele Schiff Awards

"Without Artifice" in December issue 21.8, 2017
Finalist for December's 2016 Curt Johnson Prose Award in Nonfiction

"On Beauty" in Anthropoid issue 2, 2016

“9mm” in Hobart, 2015

“Study of a Childhood” in Still: The Journal issue 14, 2014

“Soft” in Pank issue 9, 2013


Co-Creator/Co-Writer of Structure and Style (Poetry Blog)